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Etymology 1[edit]

cow +‎ pool (small body of water).


cowpool (plural cowpools)

  1. A pond used by cows.
    • 1986, Hortense Calisher, The Bobby-Soxer, Doubleday (1986), →ISBN, page 278:
      Dried snot on the marijuana pipe tossed into the cowpool built with government subsidy on a Vermont commune.

Etymology 2[edit]

cow +‎ pool (to put together), by analogy with carpool.


cowpool (plural cowpools)

  1. A group that engages in cowpooling.
    • 2008, Peter Andrey Smith, "The ABCs of the New CSAs", Gourmet, 10 August 2008:
      Others have created so-called "cowpools" to divvy up an entire animal and dole out cuts of meat.


cowpool (third-person singular simple present cowpools, present participle cowpooling, simple past and past participle cowpooled)

  1. To jointly purchase all or part of a butchered cow with one or more additional parties and split the meat.
    • 2011, Lukas Johnson, "Company connects local food movement", Lake Norman News, 22 June 2011:
      Brandee Callahan, 32, has lived in Huntersville for about two years and has ordered from GO Local for a year. She cowpools about every three months and supplements with smaller orders.