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cow +‎ punk


cowpunk (uncountable)

  1. A musical subgenre that combines punk rock with country music, folk music, and blues.
    • 1989 November 10, Bill Wyman, “Fetchin Bones”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      On that record, Bad Pumpkin, they romped around the fringes of hard rock, toying with cowpunk on one side and zanier stuff (a Television-at-the-beach instrumental) on the other.
    • 2004 September 3, Bob Mehr, “Chuck Prophet, Old 97's”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      At times the group's new album, Drag It Up, fights to find a middle ground between the surging cowpunk of 1997's Too Far to Care and the melodic pop of 2001's Satellite Rides.