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From coxcomb +‎ -ical.


coxcombical (comparative more coxcombical, superlative most coxcombical)

  1. Like, or in the style of, a coxcomb.
    • 1857, John Benwell, An Englishman's Travels in America[1]:
      The majority of these idlers were impudent-looking braggarts, who, with jaunty air and coxcombical show of superiority, endeavoured to enforce their own opinions, and to silence those of every one else.
    • 1903, William Godwin, Caleb Williams[2]:
      Marlow is a coxcombical prig, that is the truth on't; and if a man will expose himself, why, he must even take what follows.
    • 1907, John Morley, Studies in Literature[3]:
      Of Wordsworth's demeanour and physical presence, De Quincey's account, silly, coxcombical, and vulgar, is the worst; Carlyle's, as might be expected from his magical gift of portraiture, is the best.