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coxcomb +‎ -ry



coxcombry (usually uncountable, plural coxcombries)

  1. (countable) A behaviour or manner that is characteristic of a coxcomb; a foppish behaviour.
  2. (uncountable) Behaviour or airs characteristic of a coxcomb; foppishness.
    • 1824, Lord Byron, Don Juan, Canto the Fifteenth, XII,
      His manner was perhaps the more seductive, / Because he ne'er seem'd anxious to seduce; / Nothing affected, studied, or constructive / Of coxcombry or conquest: no abuse / Of his attractions marr'd the fair perspective, / To indicate a Cupidon broke loose, / And seem to say, "Resist us if you can" -- / Which makes a dandy while it spoils a man.
    • 1855, Herman Melville, Israel Potter, Chapter XI,
      He paused, grimly regarding it, while a dash of pleased coxcombry seemed to mingle with the otherwise savage satisfaction expressed in his face.
    • 1871, Thomas Hardy, Desperate Remedies, Part 13, Chapter 3,
      A man emasculated by coxcombry may spend more time upon the arrangement of his clothes than any woman, but even then there is no fetichism in his idea of them--they are still only a covering he uses for a time.