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From craft +‎ -some.


craftsome (comparative more craftsome, superlative most craftsome)

  1. Characterised or marked by craftiness; crafty
    • 1871, Homer, The Iliad of Homer: Faithfully Translated Into Unrhymed English Metre:
      To his own troops each leader
      Gave order: dumbly went the rest, unto their chiefs obeisant
      In silence: nor would any know, whether a throng so mighty
      Held in its bosom voice at all : and all the ranks well-marshall'd
      Were clad in craftsome panoply, which on their bodies glitter'd.
    • 1928, Bertram Atkey, The Midnight Mystery, page 96:
      Everything but a square meal has happened to us—we have been highly craftsome and most detective-like, we have been all but arrested on a charge of murder, we have been bitterly threatened.
    • 1931, Bertram Atkey, The mystery of the glass bullet, page 151:
      Mr. Bunn, lazy-looking, but watchful as an intent and craftsome wolf, saw the sudden setting of the muscles of the two men listening.