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Blend of crap +‎ application


crapplication (plural crapplications)

  1. (computing, Internet, slang, derogatory) An unwanted or poor-quality application.
    • 1999, "William Wueppelmann", How to downgrade to Windows 95?? Win 98 HATES my guts. (on newsgroup
      By contrast, I've never seen a Windows machine perform well after being on for more than about 5 or 6 days straight; if it doesn't outright crash, it loses all of its memory and has to be restarted, PLUS it is susceptible to the same hardware lockups, power failures and crapplications as Linux is.
    • 2002, "n3kkb0", Rocksim and WindowsXP (on newsgroup rec.models.rockets)
      Most people don't realize how many background crapplications they have running thanks to the different stuff that they have installed.

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