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crap +‎ -tacular


craptacular ‎(comparative more craptacular, superlative most craptacular)

  1. (Britain, slang, vulgar) Intended to be perceived as spectacular, but actually perceived as extremely poor quality.
    Her essay was absolutely craptacular.
  2. (US, slang, vulgar) Spectacularly awful; so poor in quality as to become a spectacle.
    The movie was so craptacular that it generated legions of ironic fans who watched it over and over solely to mock it mercilessly.


  • 1994, Jon Lovitz, The Critic; in the intro, Jay Sherman describes a movie (which seems to be some new Schwartzenegger offering) as craptacular.
  • The craptacular Cirrus Logic chipset is nailed to the PCB. Luckily, adding a soundcard resolves this issue. - Maximum PC, Vol. 5, No. 11 (November 2000)
  • 2003, Deirdre Cowan Rice, The Family Jewels [1]
    For some reason, people think that if you give someone a present, that person has to listen to your craptacular advice or something, and swallow it with a smile.
  • 2004, Chris Turner, Planet Simpson,
    Homer has been known to sit on his couch excitedly clutching a pennant reading MID-SEASON, as he waits to drink in such craptacular Fox-TV [...]
  • 2004, T Mike Childs, Rocklopedia Fakebandica [2]
    They play the World-Vision Song Festival in the craptacular spectacle that is the 1980 movie The Apple.