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crap +‎ -tacular


craptacular (comparative more craptacular, superlative most craptacular)

  1. (US, slang, vulgar) Spectacularly awful; so poor in quality as to become a spectacle.
    The movie was so craptacular that it generated legions of ironic fans who watched it over and over solely to mock it mercilessly.


  • 1994, Jon Lovitz, The Critic; in the intro, Jay Sherman describes a movie (which seems to be some new Schwartzenegger offering) as craptacular.
  • The craptacular Cirrus Logic chipset is nailed to the PCB. Luckily, adding a soundcard resolves this issue. - Maximum PC, Vol. 5, No. 11 (November 2000)
  • 2003, Deirdre Cowan Rice, The Family Jewels [1]
    For some reason, people think that if you give someone a present, that person has to listen to your craptacular advice or something, and swallow it with a smile.
  • 2004, Chris Turner, Planet Simpson,
    Homer has been known to sit on his couch excitedly clutching a pennant reading MID-SEASON, as he waits to drink in such craptacular Fox-TV [...]
  • 2004, T Mike Childs, Rocklopedia Fakebandica [2]
    They play the World-Vision Song Festival in the craptacular spectacle that is the 1980 movie The Apple.