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crazyquilt (plural crazyquilts)

  1. A patchwork; a textile formed of seemingly random and unmatched pieces of fabric sewed together with no regular pattern.
  2. (by extension) Any random assortment of things.
    • 1914, John Vietch Shoemaker, Health and Beauty, page 201:
      The mind becomes a rag-bag of information capable of affording nothing in production but a crazyquilt of information.
    • 2003, Loren W. Cooper, A Slow and Silent Stream, page 88:
      The staggered effect of random building resulted in a crazyquilt of dead ends and narrow, jagged alleyways.
    • 2005, Edwin S. Gaustad, Unto A Good Land: A History Of The American People - Volume 1, page 568:
      The plains was a crazyquilt of immigrant/ethnic communities of Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, Germans, Russian Germans, Poles, Czechs, Russians, Eastern European Jews, and others.


crazyquilt (comparative more crazyquilt, superlative most crazyquilt)

  1. Formed by a seemingly random assortment of things.
    • 1975, Ruth I. Knee, Human Factors in Long Term Health Care, page 63:
      World War II drained the community of physicians and health personnel, created housing shortages and job mobility, and served to push more people into a crazyquilt variety of nursing homes which seemed to assure housing and medical care.
    • 2000, Joseph L. Sax, Legal Control of Water Resources: Cases and Materials, page 758:
      Furthermore, groundwater doctrines follow a much more crazyquilt pattern, and several states have unique statutory approaches to groundwater.
    • 2013, Douglas Schofield, Succession, page 37:
      The stark glare reflecting from the screen spread a crazyquilt pattern of light and shadow across the vaulted ceiling above.

Derived terms[edit]