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crēber m (feminine crēbra, neuter crēbrum); first/second declension

  1. thick, numerous, frequent, repeated
  2. abundant, crowded with

Usage notes[edit]

May describe physical objects that appear in a multitude, or immaterial objects.


First/second declension, masculine nominative singular in -er.

Number Singular Plural
Case \ Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
nominative crēber crēbra crēbrum crēbrī crēbrae crēbra
genitive crēbrī crēbrae crēbrī crēbrōrum crēbrārum crēbrōrum
dative crēbrō crēbrae crēbrō crēbrīs crēbrīs crēbrīs
accusative crēbrum crēbram crēbrum crēbrōs crēbrās crēbra
ablative crēbrō crēbrā crēbrō crēbrīs crēbrīs crēbrīs
vocative crēber crēbra crēbrum crēbrī crēbrae crēbra

Related terms[edit]


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