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creese (plural creeses)

  1. Archaic form of kris.
    • 1887, Julian Hawthorne, A Tragic Mystery: From the Diary of Inspector Byrnes, page 25:
      [] near it is a cluster of weapons of villanous aspect, comprising every thing from a Malayan creese to a sailor's jackknife or a Smith & Wesson revolver.


creese (third-person singular simple present creeses, present participle creesing, simple past and past participle creesed)

  1. Archaic form of kris.
    • 1799, The Gentleman's Magazine (volume 85, page 170)
      Attributing this to accident, or some impropriety of conduct on the part of the sailor, he went to enquire personally into the affair; but had no sooner approached the head Boorghese, than the fellow creesed him also, and he fell dead at his feet.