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Blend of cremated +‎ remains. Apparently a euphemism used by undertakers.[1]


cremains pl (plural only)

  1. Cremated remains of a deceased person.
    • 1992, Kathleen Sublette, Martin Flagg, Final Celebrations: A Guide for Personal and Family Funeral Planning, page 52,
      Some people prefer to keep the cremains in their homes in a special place.
    • 2009, Mugan Sozan Peter Schellin, Rogue Monk: A Memoir about Zen, Disability, and Work, page 93:
      Paul's cremains arrived by limo service less than an hour before the living room memorial.
    • 2010, Norman L. Cantor, After We Die: The Life and Times of the Human Cadaver, page 111:
      Because of these remaining bone fragments, the cremains must be pulverized to a grainy powder before any scattering of ashes.


  1. ^ 1954, Time, Volume 63, Issues 1-13, page 93: The commission's research turned up such a sign of the times as a crematory that delicately refers to ashes as "cremains."