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Blend of criminal +‎ immigrant


crimmigrant (plural crimmigrants)

  1. Someone who immigrates illegally.
    • 2011, ‘Crimmigrant’ bodies and bona fide travelers: Surveillance, citizenship and global governance (Sage Pub):
      Through the notions of bona fide global citizens and ‘crimmigrant’ others the article details how the seeming universality of citizenship is punctuated by novel categories of globally included and excluded populations, thus revealing the inadequacy of the traditional liberal language of citizenship as the springboard for articulating a critical discourse of rights.
    • 2014, Monish Bhatia, Reflexivity in Criminological Research, page 217:
      13 Researching 'Bogus' Asylum Seekers, 'Illegal' Migrants and 'Crimmigrants'
      When politicians and policy makers (and also law enforcement authorities and tabloid press) seek to raise the barriers for non-citizens to attain membership in society, it is unremarkable that they turn their attention to an area of law that similarly functions to exclude the 'other' - transforming immigrants into 'crimmigrants'.
    • 2017, Sliding towards autocracy, Open Democracy:
      Numerous xenophobic, anti-immigration campaigns propagated by Fidesz drew sharp boundaries around an imagined virtuous Hungarian nation in relation to the “lenient elites” in Brussels and Muslim “crimmigrants”.
    • 2018, The only ‘spectacular failure’ is Sheriff Scott Jones forgetting whom he represents, Sacramento Bee:
      Sacramento County is many things, but it isn’t some “crimmigrant” hellscape.


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