cross bearer

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Cross bearers lead a Christian procession

Alternative forms[edit]


cross bearer (plural cross bearers)

  1. (Christianity) A person who carries a cross in a Christian religious procession.
    • 1823, Sir Walter Scott, chapter 18, in Quentin Durward:
      He was at the head of a splendid train of religious, civil and military men, mingled together, or, as the old ballad maker expresses it,
      "With many a cross bearer before,
      And many a spear behind."
    • 1942 May 4, "Religion: Canterbury Pilgrim," Time (retrieved 28 Oct 2015)
      Behind the verger walked a cross-bearer, the Canterbury choristers and seven decrepit beadsmen. Behind the decrepit beadsmen came a long array of Canterbury canons, chaplains and dignitaries in all their robes, followed by pages carrying the maces of Canterbury and York and the cross of Canterbury.
    • 2014 April 18, Andrew Bloss, "Crucifixion re-enacted in Croydon on Good Friday," Your Local Guardian (UK) (retrieved 28 Oct 2015)
      There were three main processions which were led by a cross bearer.


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