crottled greep

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Coined as nonce words by Dean Grennell in 1953 in a one-shot fanzine called Filler.


crottled greep (plural crottled greeps)

  1. (fandom slang, nonce word, humorous, usually in the plural) A fictional foodstuff.
    • 1953, Grennell, Dean, Filler, Filler #378:
      But if you don't like crottled greeps, what did you order them for?
    • 1959, Eney, Richard "Dick" Harris, Fancyclopedia II[1], Crottled Greeps:
      Lee Hoffman wrote a story for GRUE 27 portraying Crottled Greeps as a seductive but lethal viand and imagination took over from there.
    • 1988, McCrumb, Sharyn, Bimbos of the Death Sun, →ISBN, page 9:
      Really, Diefenbaker would write to anybody. Just let someone in Nowhere-in-Particular, New Jersey. write in a comment to Diefenbaker's fan magazine, and Dief would fire back a friendly five-page letter, making the poor crottled greep feel liked.
    • 1994, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, The Gripping Hand, →ISBN, page 27:
      I won't touch crottled greeps. Why is it everyone who's seen a crottled greep wants to watch someone else coping?
    • 1995 October 6, David E Romm, “Re: parking ghods (was Re: NYC Fandom)”, in rec.arts.sf.fandom, Usenet[2], message-ID <>:
      Though many have whined about blog, and indeed about crottled greeps, this won't quite do. For one thing, most places that deign to serve crottled greeps aren't classy enough to serve blog, and those that are charge an enormous corkage fee. For another, blog is too strong (in both flavor and alcohol) and covers up the delicate nuances of crottled greeps. Some people consider this a plus.
    • 1996, James Doohan, S. M. Stirling, The Rising, →ISBN, page 281:
      They actually had crottled greeps on the menu here.

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