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Trademark. Blend of can +‎ growler


crowler (plural crowlers)

  1. A large can used to hold craft beer.
    • 2016 February 11, Alex Delany, “Why the World Needs More Crowlers—Wait, What’s a Crowler?”, in bon appétit:
      The crowler has permeated today’s beer culture so far that you can have personalized ones made for your groomsmen.
    • 2017, Kathy Flanigan, Beer Lover's Wisconsin: Best Breweries, Brewpubs and Beer Bars, →ISBN:
      Oskar Blues Brewing helped create crowlers, which are thought to last longer because UV rays can't get through the can.
    • 2018, Maureen O’Prey, Beer in Maryland: A History of Breweries Since Colonial Times, →ISBN:
      In 2015 the owners added “crowlers” to their available line up of “to go” beer.
    • 2018 November 20, Jordan Patterson, “The Beer Snob Holds Grand Opening For Downtown Location”, in Jamestown Post Journal:
      The beer store offers 50 to-go options as well in the form of six packs; big bottles, larger than 16 ounces; and “crowlers,” a 32-ounce sealed can filled with craft beer.