crying game

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crying game (plural crying games)

  1. (informal) A situation of causing someone to cry in a spiteful, self-indulgent, or attention-seeking manner.
    • 2011, Willie Booker, Life’s Too Short to Date Men Like Me, iUniverse (2011), →ISBN, page 58:
      It's only when you remove all remnants of the guy from your life that you can move on. No Contact. Until you are completely over the guy, avoid all contact. If the guy's an asshole, he'll try to contact you, and probably run the crying game on you.
    • 2011, Perry Pokrandt, Life Lessons: What Experience Teaches Us About Success, Xlibris (2011), →ISBN, page 293:
      Waaaaa! Waaaaa! If you let it, life can become nothing more than a crying game that is void of accountability and void of responsibility.
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