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  1. simple past tense and past participle of cryo-process


cryo-processed (comparative more cryo-processed, superlative most cryo-processed)

  1. Having been subjected to cryo-processing.
    • 1992, Proceedings of Laser-tissue Interaction - Volume 1646, page 118:
      Unlike control and cryo-processed grafts, which showed moderate local inflammation and swift resolution of the transplants with phagocytes, high power-lased samples provoked long-terrn purulent reaction around the graft without appreciable phagocytic scavenging of the debris by phagocytic cells.
    • 2010, Electron Microscopy of Model Systems, →ISBN, page 324:
      However, the shape of axons and the composition of the microtubular and neuronal fiber network differ in comparison to cryo-processed specimens.
    • 2012, Ilse Kranner, Richard Beckett, & Ajit Varma, Protocols in Lichenology, →ISBN:
      Ridges correspond to the tiny depressions observed in ultra thin sections of cryo-processed samples (Fig. 4).