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From cue +‎ sport.


cuesport (plural cuesports)

  1. (rare) Alternative spelling of cue sport
    • 1996 June 7, Carl M. Pearson, "Re: 'Color of Moan-ey'", in, Usenet:
      Their false mannerisms fell away and they settled down to the skill/science/mindset/practise of their cuesport.
    • 2002 December 26, Jason Batley, "Are US citizens unable to play any cuesport?", in, Usenet:
      Snooker is the ultimate cuesport, with even minor professionals earning hundreds of thousands.
    • 2003 November 4, Austin K. Williams, "Re: Disagreement ...", in, Usenet:
      [] snooker has, at best, a grim future. Too bad, greatest cuesport ever.
    • 2004 March 18, Tjander Nathoeni, "Re: Man ... this place", in, Usenet:
      Ofcourse[sic] the top players in whatever cuesport are the best cueist there are and the best poolplayers normally play their shots clean but still...
    • 2006 August 25, John Black, "Re: Some thoughts on KoH Final", in, Usenet:
      Ok, so now the only question is: is there any cuesport he's not great at?

Usage notes[edit]

The form cue sport is much more common.