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cund (third-person singular simple present cunds, present participle cunding, simple past and past participle cunded)

  1. Obsolete form of cond (to con (a ship)).
    • a. 1643, William Monson, in 1913, Navy Records Society, The Naval Tracts of Sir William Monson, Volume 45, page 20,
      These quartermasters are also to take their turns in the cunding of the ship, [] .
    • a. 1688, John Narborough, quoted in 1990, Brian Tunstall, Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail: The Evolution of Fighting Tactics 1650-1815, page 34,
      [] he was ever calling in the quarter-master which cunded [conned] the ship to luff her nearer, giving me commands to forbear firing till we got up close to them.