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cunt +‎ -ish


cuntish (comparative more cuntish, superlative most cuntish)

  1. (slang, vulgar) Like a cunt (objectionable person).
    • 1982, Arthur Hopcraft. Mid-century Men, page 209.
      'A right cuntish thing to do,' the sergeant told Peter. 'For a bright lad like you - pathetic'
      Peter had to admit that the anger at his carelessness was justified.
    • 1987, William Donaldson. Is This Allowed?, page 95.
      He's by some distance the most attractive man in the room, in a purely cuntish way... With his unnecessary shades and dozey self-regard, his crinkly old eyes and dishevelled hair and jeans and silly jogging shoes he looks an arsehole.
    • 1998, Simon Skinner. Song of the Suburbs, page 74.
      So round we span with it, until someone had the brilliant/cuntish brainwave of stopping at the first lone homewalker, pretending to ask for directions and then flinging the pint of piss in his face.
    • 2003, John Harris, quoting Tim Abbot, quoting Noel Gallagher. The Last Party: Britpop, Blair and the Demise of English Rock, page 250.
      'He said, "They've really bolted me up here." I said, "Tell me, first and foremost, did you actually say it?" "Yes - but I didn't mean it in the context it's come out in. I know it was a cuntish thing to say." I said, "This is your 'Bigger than Jesus Christ' thing."'