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curl +‎ -er


  • IPA(key): /ˈkɜː(ɹ)lə(ɹ)/
  • (file)


curler (plural curlers)

  1. One of a set of small cylindrical tubes used to curl hair.
    • 1977, Agatha Christie, chapter 4, in An Autobiography, part II, London: Collins, →ISBN:
      There was also hairdressing: hairdressing, too, really was hairdressing in those times — no running a comb through it and that was that. It was curled, frizzed, waved, put in curlers overnight, waved with hot tongs; [].
  2. A sportsman who plays curling.
  3. (soccer) A pass or a shot of the ball which swerves.
    The captain sent a curler into the top corner of the net.
    • 2011 September 28, Jon Smith, “Valencia 1-1 Chelsea”, in BBC Sport:
      Lampard was replaced by Kalou but the substitute immediately gave the ball to Jonas, whose 25-yard curler was tipped wide by Cech.

Derived terms[edit]