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cussed +‎ -ness


cussedness (usually uncountable, plural cussednesses)

  1. (dated) The state or quality of being cussed.
    • c. 1905, Arthur Quiller-Couch, "Frenchman's Creek":
      Well, if ever a man was born bad in his temper, 'twas Captain Bligh. . . . They made an Admiral of him in the end, but they never cured his cussedness.
    • 1910, Jack London, chapter 11, in Burning Daylight:
      Full of vinegar and all-round cussedness, but without malice. Just as soon kill you as not, but in a playful sort of way, you understand, without meaning to at all.
    • 1922, B. M. Bower, chapter 2, in The Trail of the White Mule:
      He made camp there that night, pitching his little tent in the trail for pure cussedness, and defying aloud a traveling world to make him move until he got good and ready.