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From Welsh cwts, cwtsh (hug, cuddle).



cwtch (plural cwtches)

  1. (Wales) A cubbyhole or similar hiding place.
    • 1944, Glyn Jones, "An Afternoon at Ewa Shad's", The Water-Music and Other Stories:
      In front of the pavement again stretched a flat patch of rusty ground, a sort of little platform in the side of the hill where the sagging drying-lines stood and a chickens' cwtch built of orange-boxes.
    • 2007, Mike Buckingham, Western Telegraph, 20 Aug 2007:
      "In better times when the coalman called at our home in William Street he heaved the sacks through the front door and put their contents into the ‘cwtch’ under the stairs, a messy business indeed."
  2. (Wales) A hug or cuddle.
    • 2007, Ieuan Evans, The Telegraph, 18 Nov 2007:
      I am expecting the big man to come round the corner and give me a ‘cwtch’ as he has done beside countless rugby fields.
    • 2011, Rachel Mainwaring, South Wales Echo, 17 Feb 2011:
      I don’t mind them coming in for a quick cwtch before trudging back off to their own rooms, as long as no conversation is required and it is literally just a five-minute cuddle.


cwtch (third-person singular simple present cwtches, present participle cwtching, simple past and past participle cwtched)

  1. (Wales) To hug or cuddle.



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