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cyber- +‎ book


cyberbook (plural cyberbooks)

  1. (science fiction) A digital or electronic equivalent of a book.
    • 1972, John Wood Campbell, Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact‎
      The reader, the cyberbook, costs, say, $200. The wafers cost pennies. The reader, the human, is thus ever after buying a handful of wafers instead of books []
    • 2003, Ben Bova, The Rock Rats
      Bookshelves ran up to the ceiling along two walls, and a third wall had shelves full of video disks and cyberbook chips []
    • 2005, Michael A Winkelman, Marriage relationships in Tudor political drama‎
      Probably the day is not far off when a three-dimensional cyberbook can begin to effectively chart this web of contacts []