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cyber- +‎ capitalist


cybercapitalist (plural cybercapitalists)

  1. A participant in, or proponent of, cybercapitalism.
    • 1995, Masʻud Zavarzadeh, Teresa L Ebert, Donald E Morton, Post-ality: Marxism and postmodernism
      In other words, for cybercapitalists, "managers" are a synecdoche of an emerging social order evolving not around "capital" and "labor" but around "qualifications" (knowledge).
    • 1996, Business Week
      ...cybercapitalists are wondering how much people would be willing to ante up to visit a given site on the World Wide Web.
    • 1998, Kathleen Biddick, The shock of medievalism
      The Haitian spirits are the shamans, magical healers of cyberspace. They perform the healing work of opposing the inhuman excess of the cybercapitalist Vierek...