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cyber- +‎ deck, coined by William Gibson in 1984 in his novel Neuromancer.


cyberdeck (plural cyberdecks)

  1. (science fiction) A piece of equipment that can be temporarily connected to the user's brain as an interface to cyberspace.
    • 1991, Robert N Charrette, John Zeleznik, Joel Biske, Find Your Own Truth
      More than twelve hours had passed since the decker had touched the cyberdeck keyboard.
    • 2002, Veronica Hollinger, Joan Gordon, Edging Into the Future
      ...then the interface that provides the experience — say, a cyberdeck — becomes a quantifiable metric of human experience as well as a commodity.
    • 2003, Karen Haber, Exploring the Matrix:
      ...people fused either temporarily or permanently with machinery (by brain implants, by jacking in to the cyberdeck, etc.)...
    • 2003, J R Urie, Assassin's Vendetta
      ...a glove with silver metallic weaving and a black cord that was connected to his cyberdeck.