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cyber- +‎ dildonics


cyberdildonics (uncountable)

  1. (rare) Teledildonics.
    • 1997, Celia Pearce, The interactive book
      The world "cybersex" conjures up images of people in full-body sex suits jacked in to a virtual orgy, cyberdildonics, and pleasure machines.
    • 2000, John Micklethwait, Adrian Wooldridge, A future perfect: the essentials of globalization
      Vivid, a pioneer in the questionably named field of cyberdildonics, has even designed an electronic suit that allows couples in different countries to "interact" to their mutual satisfaction...
    • 2002, Grace Ann Neff (ed.), The Manual of How to Cheat on Your Wife
      This new "science" is called cyberdildonics. Each person has to have the "hardware" (which isn't cheap)...
    • 2005, Marlene M Maheu et al, The mental health professional and the new technologies
      On a more physical plane lies the prospect of cyberdildonics (Rheingold, 1991). So far, the market offers few, if any, devices...