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dildo +‎ -n- +‎ -ics, along the lines of electronics and similar. Attributed to American information technologist, philosopher, and sociologist Ted Nelson.


dildonics (uncountable)

  1. Electronic or robotic sex toys.
    • 1995, Pamela Sargent, Women of Wonder: The Contemporary Years: Science Fiction by Women from the 1970s to the 1990s:
      Donna doesn't have to be too explicit, not like it's the real thing. Reeb can shoot a few limb movements tomorrow, some dildonics the next day; the software overdubs stock effects.
    • 2005, Shannon Hollis, On the Loose, Harlequin Books, →ISBN, page 129:
      [] NeuraLove suit is a combination of state-of-the-art wireless technology, nanotechnology, sensors and dildonics”— “Dildonics?” Lauren repeated. She'd bet that wasn't in Webster's.

Derived terms[edit]