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cyber- +‎ feminism


cyberfeminism (countable and uncountable, plural cyberfeminisms)

  1. A community, philosophy and set of practices concerned with feminist acts in cyberspace.
    • 1996, Susan C Herring, Computer-mediated Communication:
      Because of its similarity to what is often referred to as "liberal feminism" in the non-virtual world, I identify this perspective as liberal cyberfeminism.
    • 1997, Caroline Bassett, quoting Sadie Plant, “With a Little Help from Our (New) Friends”, in Mute, volume 1, number 8, →ISSN:
      At the opening to On the Matrix: Cyberfeminist Simulations, Plant says that cyber-feminism—and/or the complex systems and virtual worlds upon which it is based—has the capacity to undermine the ‘world view and material reality of two thousand years of patriarchal control’.
    • 2008, Sue Vilhauer Rosser, Women, Science, and Myth:
      Cyberfeminism is an attempt by feminists to own a part of the computer revolution, where the field of computer science has established a resistant, male center of power.