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cyber- +‎ -ism


cyberism (uncountable)

  1. (rare) A belief system focusing on the social benefits of information technology.
    • 1996, SPIN magazine (volume 12, number 3, page 116)
      Ambient can be flabby synth mulch that needs to access cyberism and external philosophies to convince you you're not being scammed.
    • 2003, Neil Blair Christensen, Inuit in cyberspace: embedding offline, identities online
      [] most research already dealing with culture and cyberspace deals with culture and social groups that are based on the same medium for their existence. It is my opinion that such "cyberism" willing or unwillingly helps to sustain conceptions of cyberspace as a vacuum or a solitary reality []
    • 2004, David W. Orr, The Nature of Design: Ecology, Culture, and Human Intention
      In our age, nationalism, capitalism, communism, fascism, consumerism, cyberism, and even ecologism have become substitutes for genuine religion.
    • 2008, George R. Taylor, Loretta MacKenney, Improving human learning in the classroom: theories and teaching practices
      Cyberism, the creed of information, will become a practicable solution to some of the communication problems faced by students with disabilities []

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