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From cyber- +‎ -ize.


cyberize (third-person singular simple present cyberizes, present participle cyberizing, simple past and past participle cyberized)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To adapt to digital technology or culture.
  2. (science fiction, rare) To make into a cyborg; to fit with a cybernetic implant or prosthesis.
    • 1993 August 25, "Robert Johan Enters" (username), "Re: [ADMIN] Re: Newcomer to the Theatre...", on alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo, Usenet:
      At this Nightshade mutters under his breath and begins to metamorphose. Slowly more metal appears on him, and his looks change drastically from a pure human to a fully cyberized hunk of man and machine.
    • 2000 March 21, "Julian Mensch" (username), "Re: Iteration X Conventionpage for a noble Union [*LONG*]", on, Usenet:
      I don't see ItX [=Iteration X] forcefully cyberizing anyone against their will. Not only is it wildly unethical, Devices are far too valuble [sic] to waste on people who will try to resist the Union.
    • 2009 May 8, "Tim Bruening" (username), "Re: Archer Vs Borg", on and alt.humor.puns, Usenet:
      But he did report to Starfleet HQ his encounter with a race of cyberized humanoids who are out to assimilate everyone, and T'Pol's estimate that said race would likely return during the 24th century.