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cyclopean (comparative more cyclopean, superlative most cyclopean)

  1. Suggestive of a cyclops.
  2. (masonry) Fitted together of huge irregular stones.
  3. Massive in stature.
    • 2006, Fernando Pessoa, "Salutation to Walt Whitman," in A Little Larger Than the Entire Universe: Selected Poems, Edited and translated by Richard Zenith, Penguin, pp. 198-9,
      You were cyclopean and muscular, not pretty, / Yet your attitude toward the world was feminine, / And for you each leaf of grass, each stone and each man was the Universe.
    • See also quotation under cyclopian.
  4. (image) Created by combining two images
    • 2001, Sharan Strange, "Looking," in Ash, Boston: Beacon Press, p. 50,
      When he wrote the word, / the o's were joined / like eyeglass lenses without / a bridge. Cross-eyed, hypnotic, / they threatened to merge, / become Cyclopean. []

Alternative forms[edit]