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cyder (countable and uncountable, plural cyders)

  1. Archaic spelling of cider.
    • 1753, Hugh Stafford, A treatise on cyder-making, with a catalogue of cyder-apples of character, in Herefordshire and Devonshire. To which is prefixed, A dissertation on cyder and cyder-fruit[1], page 48:
      In order to avoid a great deal of trouble, and to perform the work more effectually, by diveſting the new made Cyder of what pummice and other impurities remain; after straining it through a hair ſieve, on its coming from the Wring, or Preſs, it is neceſſary to be provided with a large open vat, keeve, or clive, which will contain a whole pounding, or making of Cyder []