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From dārgs ‎(expensive, dear) +‎ -ums.


dārgums m (1st declension)

  1. (only singular) expensiveness, costliness, cost (syn. dārdzība)
    preču dārgums — the cost of goods
    auduma dārgums — the cost, expensiveness of cloth, fabric
  2. (only plural) treasure, riches, precious objects
    dārgumu glabātavatreasure repository
    zemes dzīlēs apslēptie dārgumitreasures hidden in the depths of the earth
    literatūras dārgumu krātuve — literary treasure chest
    zelta sprādzes, kakla rotas, gredzeni un citi dārgumi — golden buckles, necklaces, rings and other precious objects
  3. (figuratively, usually singular) treasure (that which is especially important, dear to someone)
    vienīgais dārgums — (one's) only treasure
    glabāt kā vislielāko dārgumu — to keep (something) as (one's) greatest treasure


Related terms[edit]