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Altered form of the fuck.




  1. (vulgar, Internet slang) The fuck.
    • 2012, Connie Anne McEntee, Waking for Hours, iUniverse (2012), →ISBN, page 193:
      Donnie: Where dafuq r u?
    • 2012, Maika Duperval, "The Friend Zone", The Plant (Dawson College), Volume 40, Issue 21, 5 April 2012, page 17:
      If you're lonely, do not be some stubborn brat who only needs company and will hump anything that'll walk and give you the time of day...like, dafuq do you think you are? Barney Stinson?
    • 2012, Michael Voloshin, "Getting Hit With OKCupid's questionarrow", The Daily Cardinal, 30 October 2012, Volume 122, Issue 42, page 2:
      Alright OKCupid, in the first 10 questions you’ve already asked me if I’d rather be normal or weird, if I’m happy, and if religion or race matters to me. Dafuq OKCupid? I thought you were cool and the questions would be about my favorite super power (invisibility, duh), or which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle I most closely align with (Michelangelo).
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