dar le

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  • IPA(key): [d̪ˠaɾˠ lʲɛ]


dar le (triggers h-prothesis, before the definite article dar leis)

  1. in the opinion of
    dar liom ― in my opinion
    Tá do dhóthain agat, dar liom.
    I think you've had enough.
  2. according to
    dar le m'fhoclóir ― according to my dictionary
  3. (substituting for a clause) it seems to (followed by a go-clause)
    Dar liom go bhfuil ceart agat.
    It seems to me that you are right.


Person Normal Emphatic
1st person sing. dar liom dar liomsa
2d person sing. dar leat dar leatsa
3d sing. masc. dar leis dar leis-sean
3d sing. fem. dar léi dar léise
1st person pl. dar linn dar linne
2d person pl. dar libh dar libhse
3d person pl. dar leo dar leosan

Related terms[edit]

  • dar lena (combined with the possessive determiner or relative particle a)
  • dar lenar (combined with the present/future copula is or past/conditional copula ba)
  • dar lenár (combined with the first-person plural possessive determiner ár)
  • dar lenarb (combined with the present/future copula is before a vowel)
  • dar lenarbh (combined with the past/conditional copula ba before a vowel)