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dark meat (countable and uncountable, plural dark meats)

  1. The legs, thighs and wings of poultry.
  2. (slang, vulgar, uncountable) A black person, regarded as a sex partner.



    • 2006 - Laura Riley - Pregnancy: The Ultimate Week-By-Week Pregnancy Guide - Meredith Books - Page 131
    "If your ground poultry contains dark meat from the legs or thighs, it can have more fat than very lean beef."
    • 2004 - Pamela Hayes - Sex and the Single Transsexual - Ashgate Publishing - Page 11
    "She had this thing for black dudes. Oh, sure, she had done white guys, but they bored her. She liked dark meat. And she wasn't talking about chicken or turkey parts."
    • 1983 - James L. Limbacher - Sexuality in World Cinema - Scarecrow Press - Page 6
    "DARK MEAT: a dark-skinned person as a sex object."
    • 2001 - Mâarianna Csâoti - Contentious Issues: Discussion Stories for Young People - Jessica Kingsley Publishers - Page 85
    "Dark meat This is used when non-white people are referred to as sex objects."