darken someone's door

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darken someone's door

  1. (idiomatic) To arrive at someone's residence or location, especially as an unwelcome visitor.
    • 1824, Sir Walter Scott, Redgauntlet, Letter 13:
      "I'll tell you, Peter," said I, "were I my lord, and a friend or kinsman of mine should leave the town while the court was sitting, that kinsman, or be he what he liked, should never darken my door again."
    • 1885, Edith Nesbit, "The Stolen God—Lazarus to Dives" in Many Voices:
      He promised the poor His heaven,
      He loved and lived with the poor;
      He said that the rich man's shadow
      Should never darken His door.
    • 1917, Irving Bacheller, chapter 17, in The Light in the Clearing:
      [T]he squire ain't sociable an' the neighbors never darken his door.
    • 2008, Valerie Wilson Wesley, Of Blood and Sorrow[1], →ISBN, page 3:
      Luckily, I'd scored some good-paying clients in the past two months along with the usual losers who darken my door and waste my time.