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From Sanskrit दर्शन (darśana, vision), from a root दृश् (dṛś, to see).


darshan (countable and uncountable, plural darshans)

  1. (Hinduism, Buddhism) Hierophany, theophany; being in the presence of the divine or holy (as a person or object).
    • 2002, S. Brent Plate, Religion, Art, and Visual Culture: A Cross-Cultural Reader[1], →ISBN, page 171:
      A common sight in India is a crowd of people gathered in the courtyard of a temple or at the doorway of a streetside shrine for the darshan of the deity.
    • 2006, Linda Hess, chapter 8, in The Life of Hinduism[2], page 183:
      Hindus take darshan of a holy person, object, or place, believing that its mere presence, particularly the sight of it, conveys blessings.
    • 2007, Editors of Hinduism Today, What Is Hinduism?: Modern Adventures Into a Profound Global Faith[3], page 151:
      When approaching a soul who is known to give darshan, be in the same area of the superconscious mind that you feel he must be in.