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From Ancient Greek ἐξηγητής ‎(exēgētḗs).



exegete ‎(plural exegetes)

  1. A person skilled in exegesis; an interpreter.
    • 2009, Karen Armstrong, The Case for God, Vintage 2010, p. 94:
      A text that could not speak to the present was dead, and the exegete had a duty to revive it.



exegete ‎(third-person singular simple present exegetes, present participle exegeting, simple past and past participle exegeted)

  1. (chiefly religion) To interpret; to perform an exegesis.
    • 1905, Borden P. Bowne, “Moral Training in the Public Schools”, in Homiletic Review, page 93:
      History, not the dictionary, must exegete this doctrine. When thus exegeted, the secularity of our Government, as shown by the intentions of its founders, the customs of the people, and the continuous decisions of the courts, means simply the separation of church and state.