date with destiny

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date with destiny (plural dates with destiny)

  1. (idiomatic) An inevitable future event or anticipated occurrence, especially in the form of an encounter which is likely to be momentous.
    • 1936 Aug. 10, ""I Preach"," Time:
      The American people want no rendezvous with a destiny plotted on blueprints in a Washington office. When they have a date with destiny they want to know what the lady looks like.
    • 2001, "A Fish Out of Water", season 3, episode 10 of Family Guy
      Hennessey: You need fifty grand, Griffin? I got a suggestion for you. Why don't you kill Daggermouth?
      Peter Griffin: Maybe I will, Hennessey.
      Shamus: You'd be buying yourself a ticket to a watery grave. Daggermouth is the meanest, most ruthless creature that's ever inhabited the sea.
      Peter Griffin: I am not gonna let my family live on the street. Not even if it means ending up like Shamus here. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with destiny.
    • 2002 Jan. 1, Ian Black, "The arrival of the euro: their money, our future?," Guardian Unlimited (UK):
      So much has been said about Europe's long-awaited date with destiny that it was hard to sort out the predictable hyperbole from the reality.