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Alternative forms[edit]


daunder (third-person singular simple present daunders, present participle daundering, simple past and past participle daundered)

  1. (Scotland) To stroll; to meander.
    • 1831, Robert Shennan, Tales, songs, and miscellaneous poems, page 80:
      I daunder'd about till my back turned sair, When I met wi' some neighbours, and then did repair To Farries's inn, where some whisky we got, And talked of harvest, and horses, and stots.
    • 1890, Canadian horticulture and home magazine - Volume 13, page 150:
      I'll tak my staff and daunder: west, For nature age is grand to me;
    • 1892, Robert Leighton, The Pilots of Pomona: A Story of the Orkney Islands, page 26:
      There's more for him to do than daunder about the hillside with a trout-wand over his shoulder.
  2. (Scotland, with 'on') To go on without reaching a conclusion.
    • 1828, The London Magazine, page 449:
      He must do one of these two things: in the first case, his ministry may daunder on till there is another strike of half-a-dozen, like the present ; in the latter, it will be blown about his ears, from without.
    • 1880, The Sunday at Home - Volume 27, page 406:
      I have always pitied people whose engagements daundered on year after year without coming to anything.
    • 1925, The Border Magazine: An Illustrated Monthly - Volume 30, page 71:
      And so. beguiled by feathered pen, I daunder on.


daunder (plural daunders)

  1. (Scotland) A stroll.
    • 1913, Aylmer Keith Fraser, A Garden of Spices, page 232:
      "Takin' a bit daunder, Laird?" said Davy with the assurance of an old servant.
    • 2006, Duncan Glen, Collected poems, 1965-2005, →ISBN, page 87:
      I tak an occasional daunder roond the lawn, near every five minutes in fact, and throw lumps o sile at oor cat stalkin birds in the flooer beds.
    • 2012, Jeff Torrington, Swing Hammer Swing!, →ISBN:
      Old folks out for a wee daunder might, through force of habit, find themselves wandering into this kinematic museum to watch the breakdowns and odd snippets of film.