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day-trip (third-person singular simple present day-trips, present participle day-tripping, simple past and past participle day-tripped)

  1. To go on a one-day excursion; To visit someplace and return within a day.
    • 2011, Stephen Wilbers, A Boundary Waters History: Canoeing Across Time, →ISBN:
      From Polly, we day-tripped to Koma and Malberg under a gorgeous blue sky and then traveled up the Lady Chain to Beth, where we camped near the rock cliff next to the portage on the east shore.
    • 2015 -, Greg Sestero & Tom Bissell, The Disaster Artist, →ISBN:
      Before I met Tommy, I would not have day-tripped to the spot where James Dean died.
    • 2017, Melinda Worth Popham, Grace Period: My Ordination to the Ordinary, →ISBN:
      By the end of the summer, I had day-tripped with Quita around New England and ferried to Martha's Vineyard with Carol.


day-trip (plural day-trips)

  1. Alternative form of day trip
    • 1988, Financing Alternatives for Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Programs:
      Using this relationship, the day-trip changes caused by changes in travel costs can be converted to a change in the number of fishing licenses by dividing the day-trip changes (AYij) by the average day-trip per fisherman (Yij).
    • 2008, Michael Mulligan, Railroad Depots of Central Florida, →ISBN, page 7:
      I boarded my first train at Broad Street Station in 1968 for a fifth-grade class day-trip to Washington, D.C. Upon arriving in Washington, I experienced that city's monumental Union Station.
    • 2011, Keith A. Elkins, Mr. E. 2003: Manifest Lessons from Ohio’s Bicentennial Celebration, →ISBN, page 99:
      My short day-trip to Chillicothe inspired a confident desire to make future journeys to signature locations throughout Ohio during 2003.