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day +‎ trip


daytrip (plural daytrips)

  1. Alternative form of day trip
    • 1999, Leanne Johnson, ‎Lee Mei Foo, & ‎Mick O'Halloran, Meetings Make Their Mark:
      According to the DTES, average expenditure per daytrip in 1992 was $41, but was $63 for business or conference visitors. The equivalent figure from the present study was $124, suggesting that, even after allowing for inflation, daytrip visitors attending meetings, seminars and conferences spent more per trip than a typical daytrip visitor.
    • 2012, Hannah Richell, The Secrets of the Tides, →ISBN, page 459:
      I thought maybe . . . would you fancy a daytrip to London?
    • 2012, Henk Bekker, Germany Pocket Adventures, →ISBN, page 218:
      Lübeck is a popular daytrip from Hamburg, but few would regret staying longer.


daytrip (third-person singular simple present daytrips, present participle daytripping, simple past and past participle daytripped)

  1. Alternative form of day-trip
    • 2001, Matt Drudge, Drudge Manifesto, →ISBN:
      She daytripped cross-country to star in her soap. With the travel and stress, she began using dope.
    • 2006, Jean-Paul Pecqueur, The Case Against Happiness, →ISBN, page 46:
      We've boarded ships piloting themselves across oceans portioned out to the last molecule just as we have daytripped over the sunburst the bountiful plains.
    • 2010, Sonya Hartnett, Surrender, →ISBN:
      She didn't invite me to join herself and her friends when they went swimming in the river or daytripped to a neighbouring town