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From de- +‎ Trumpification. In the political sense used by opponents of Trump, possibly influenced by denazification and de-Baathification.


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de-Trumpification (uncountable)

  1. (neologism) Opposite of Trumpification.
    1. Removing the Trump brand name.
      • 2016 October 7, “Trump’s name officially exiting a beleaguered Atlantic City”, in Associated Press:
        De-Trumpification has already begun at the Taj.
    2. (US politics) Removing Trump from power or undoing the effects of his presidency.
      • 2018 February 23, Michelle Goldberg, “The De-Trumpification Agenda”, in New York Times[1]:
        If we expect America to ever again be more than a squalid kleptocracy, we’re going to need a comprehensive plan of de-Trumpification, including wide-ranging investigations and legal reforms.
      • 2019 January 30, Chris Stevenson, “After Trump, the Republican Party will need to do some soul-searching”, in The Washington Post[2]:
        Once President Trump leaves office, a “de-Trumpification” process will have to course through the Republican Party’s veins if it is to again be a worthy part of the American experiment in self-government.
      • 2020 March 13, Sarah Larson, “The podcasts to listen to while you're social-distancing”, in The New Yorker[3]:
        Listening to a podcast about the Iran-Contra scandal in 2020 doesn’t provide the frisson of excitement that listening to a podcast about Watergate did in 2017, when the Trump Administration was new, our stress was primal, and the show’s dominating conceit—Watergate took longer to reach a breaking point than we might have realized—seemed to portend a comforting, if distant, de-Trumpification.