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de-rank (third-person singular simple present de-ranks, present participle de-ranking, simple past and past participle de-ranked)

  1. Alternative form of derank
    • 2000, Richard Barker, Steering Evolution, →ISBN, page 130:
      Just as lorevolution's de-ranking of human attributes brought about equality among humans, the de-ranking of moral values brought about the global state of angst we now find ourselves in.
    • 2001, Loucas G. Christophorou, ‎& James K. Olthoff, Gaseous Dielectrics IX, →ISBN, page 442:
      Consequently, for the example used, only by de-ranking performance and environmental aspects GIS can have a lower overall ranking than AIS.
    • 2016, Roy Bainton, The Mammoth Book of Superstition: From Rabbits' Feet to Friday the 13th, →ISBN:
      It ranks and de-ranks these superstitions throughout the year.
    • 2016, Patrick J. Lynch & ‎Sarah Horton, Web Style Guide, 4th Edition: Foundations of User Experience Design, →ISBN:
      If your page falls significantly outside these normal statistical parameters for language related to your keywords, your content may be de-ranked for not being relevant to a user's search keywords.
    • 2017, Ignorance Paradox, →ISBN:
      Who is here, who has been de-ranked and who has been up to no good in the eyes of those that make the rules.