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Latin debacchatio.


debacchation (usually uncountable, plural debacchations)

  1. (archaic) wild raving or debauchery, as if drunk.
    • 1632, William Prynne, Histrio-Mastix, Part I, page 538, Act VI:
      What confidence can such have of the suffrage of the saints, who defile their holiday with most foolish vanities, most impure pollutions, most wicked debacchations, and sacrilegious execrations.
    • 1820, POLWHELE, The enthusiasm of Methodists and Papists considered by Bishop Lavington, page 249:
      In that convulsive, nervous disorder, called hysterics, the patients are affected with divers strange, inconsistent and contrary symptoms; [] are weak, sad, fearful, and suspicious ; grow stiff and immovable, and again flexible ; then falling into a fit of rage, quarrelling, and debacchation ; so strong as scarce to be held by three or four persons
    • 1920, Princeton Alumni Weekly, princeton alumni weekly, page 116
      Among those whose presence lent either a tone of dignity or debacchation to the far-famed occasion were: Beekman, Bixler, Boyd, Carver, Caemr, Collins []