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deca- +‎ second



decasecond (plural decaseconds)

  1. (rare) A unit of time equal to 10 seconds. Symbol: das
    • 1968, Title: Narrow-Band Decasecond Emissions from Jupiter Authors: Riihimaa, JJ Journal: Astrophysical Letters, Vol. 2, p.59 Publication Date: 00/1968 Origin: ... [1]
      methods for electrostimulating two neocortical zones Excerpt: Changes in the oscillations of the decasecond and minute waves of superslow activity in the 0 to 1 Hz range were compared using various techniques for electrostimulating neocortical zones in rabbits with gold electrodes chronically implanted in structures of the ... Publication: Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology Authors: Yu. S. Borodkin, I. A. Lapina, Yu. L. Gogolitsyn Publisher: Springer New York Issue: Volume 14, Number 5 Pages: 373 - 379

Usage notes[edit]

  • Decasecond is not in official scientific usage and is rarely found outside dictionaries and word lists.