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de- +‎ cunt; compare French déconner.


decunt (third-person singular simple present decunts, present participle decunting, simple past and past participle decunted)

  1. (vulgar, rare) To remove one's penis from a vagina; to pull out.
    • 1965, Richard Seaver and Austryn Wainhouse, translators, Justine, Philosophy in the Bedroom, and Other Writings, translation of original by Marquis de Sade, page 1184:
      No sooner does he hear these words than he decunts, takes hold of the poor child in his two wicked hands, and hurls her, naked, into the roaring fire
    • 1995, Guillaume Apollinaire, Flesh Unlimited: Two Erotic Novellas[1], page 26:
      [...]Quit Calculine's quim until he had discharged a total of three times and she herself ten.
      When he had decunted, both noticed in astonishment that Alexine had disappeared. She soon returned with pharmaceutical[...]
    • 1999, P Sugden, “Story: Kathy's Party”, in, Usenet[2], retrieved 06/09/16:
      Frank finally came with a grunt, depositing his sperm deep in Kathy's cunt. When he had decunted, Neville got up and walked around to the foot of the bed [...]


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