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Alternative forms[edit]


defence +‎ -less



defenceless (comparative more defenceless, superlative most defenceless)

  1. (British spelling) Without defence; undefended.
    Blind, deaf, and paralysed, the old man was defenceless; and the robbers easily stole all of his money.
    • 1934, Henry G. Lamond, An Aviary On The Plains, page 95:
      The hawk, foul murderer of defenceless birds, has sighted the chicken on the bare patch.
    • 1943 March and April, “Notes and News: Southern Locomotive Destroys Raider”, in Railway Magazine, page 119:
      Railway engines have been attacked with gunfire by raiding aircraft on both sides of the Channel and the impression has grown up that they are defenceless monsters to be pestered with impunity. The first engine to disprove this vainglorious theory was, we are glad to note, a British one. [The locomotive boiler exploded, causing the aircraft to crash.]